selected works

Infinity Ave, Robert CarlPatch and Sound Design (2014)
Naomi Songs, Christopher Cerrone – Patch Design (2015)
Echolalia, Mark Applebaum – Patch Design and Sound Design (2015)
Altra Voce, Luciano Berio – Patch Design/Score Adaptation (2016)
Liminal Highway, Christopher Cerrone – Patch design (2016) (performance video)
Shadows of Listening, Marcos Balter – Patch design (2017)
Memory Palace, Christopher Cerrone – Patch redesign (2017)
The Echo Drift, Mikael Karlsson – Patch and Sound Design (2017)
PAN, Marcos Balter and Claire Chase – Patch Design (2017-2018)
The Insects Became Magnetic, Christopher Cerrone – Patch Design (2018)